Guantánamo class

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Guantánamo Stealth Carrier (CV/CVR)


  • Government: United Nations, New United Nations
  • Ship Type: Carriers

This ship is derived from the first ARMD class carriers and is also known as Advanced-ARMD class. Unlike the first ARMD class, it is capable of folding by itself. Due to their inexpensive cost, ships of the same type were deployed in massive numbers as the main-force carrier of colonization fleets. As the main aircraft carrier of the New UN Forces, it is the standard stealth space aircraft carrier which was suited for mass production due to its simple hull construction.

Design Features

Diamond (rhombus)-shaped design. Stealth composition. Large dock in bow and stern. Linear catapults on four sides of the carrier. Propellant tank located in the rear of the ship

Main machinery

  • General Galaxy Impulse Drive engine. Main engine thruster in aft.
  • External fuel tanks with stealth covers on ventral side.
  • OTEC/Shinnakasu Fold system (auxiliary gravitational field control system)



  • Bifors laser phalanx CIWS
  • Bifors anti-aircraft high-maneuverability missile system

2059 version

  • Fourteen 30mm beam gun CIWS
  • Two 30mm twin beam gun CIWS


  • 40~45 aircraft.
    • 70 aircraft (2059 version)


  • Displacement, tons: 9,500 (operational)
  • Dimensions, meters: approx 400
  • 2059 version,
    • Overall length: 352 m
    • Overall height: 71.2 m (including antennas)
    • Overall width: 111 m (including antennas and beam guns)


  • Instantaneous Maximum acceleration: 1.45G+

Ships in Class

Guantánamo CV 299 Macross 7 (docked with Sunnyflower)
Maizuru CV/ARMD 362 Macross 7
Mamoi 375 July 2045 Macross 7
Belleauwood CVR-699 Macross Frontier
Clark 2 CVR Macross Frontier
Rakuyou CVR-670 Macross Frontier
Kaga CVR-663 Macross Frontier