Guld Goa Bowman

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Guld Goa Bowman

Tall ashen-grey pilot with dark green short-cropped and pony-tailed hair

He's one of the "Peace Children" -- a growing number of offsprings of Zentradi Miclones and Earth Humans. His hardened expression belies both a brilliant mind and an incendiary temper. The civilian enterprise General Galaxy assigned him to design and pilot to their latest research testbed, the YF-21. This pits him in not-so-friendly competition with Isamu. Once friends and now rivals, the two harbor an animosity that has deepened over the years.

Gender: Male
Birthdate: 2014
Birthplace: Earth
Lineage: Zentradi-Human
Height: 195 cm
Family Status: Unmarried
Occupation: Researcher/Pilot
Affiliation:General Galaxy
Rank: Special A (Non-military)
Assignment: New Edwards Test Flight Center, Fighter Development Section A
Project Team: Super Nova, YF-21 Team
Degree: Mind Medicine, Cerebrum Physiology
Chronic Disease: Potential Temper

Debut: Macross Plus Vol. 1
Voice: Unshou Ishizuka
Production sheets: Figure, Face


He shares the same surname with David Bowman of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Macross Plus creator Shoji Kawamori is a professed admirer of 2001: A Space Odyssey director, Stanley Kubrick.