Hollywood Amusement Ship

From Macross Compendium


This ship is designed as the eyes and ears of the fleet with a collection of sensor and communication systems. The ship is a massive antenna while the cavity of the ship is virtually hollow. The communications systems occupy only a small fraction of the ship's volume. It has powerful Fold communication equipment and relays the Galaxy Network. There are a number of theme parks for general public amusement within the cavity of the ship.


  • approx 50,000



  • Length (overall):
    • without carrier: approx 3500 m


  • Displacement, tons: approx 535,000,000



  • According Kazutaka Miyatake's design notes, the name of the amusement ship in Macross 7 is Hollywood, and "The Spectacler" (sic) is just writing on the ship, like the "U.N. Spacy" on the Beginhill and "E=mc2" on the Einstein. The class name of the Hollywood has not been specified.