Macross Generation: Legend of Eternal Songs

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Legend of Eternal Songs is the song collection for the Radio Drama, Macross Generation. Most of the songs are covers of songs from the original Macross series and movie, with two new songs previously released as a single.

Track Listing

  1. 愛・おぼえていますか ("Do You Remember Love?") - Sung by Tomo Sakurai
  2. 天使の絵の具 ("An Angel's Paints") - Sung by Tomo Sakurai
  3. 未来のダイアリー ("The Future's Diary") - Sung by Yukari Tamura
  4. 0-G Love - Sung by Sayuri Yoshida
  5. 私の彼はパイロット ("My Boyfriend's a Pilot") - Sung by Tomo Sakurai
  6. シルバームーン・レッドムーン ("Silver Moon, Red Moon") - Sung by Tomo Sakurai
  7. 愛は流れる ("Love Drifts Away") - Sung by Sayuri Yoshida
  8. ランナー ("Runner") - Sung by Megumi Ogata
  9. 勇気をください ("Give Me Bravery") - Sung by Yukari Tamura

10.~18. are karaoke versions of these songs.

Release data

  • Released by: PolyGram
  • Product code: POCX-1070
  • Release date: May 14, 1997
  • Price: 2913 yen (3059 yen with tax included)