Macross Song Collection: Definitive Edition

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Macross Song Collection: Definitive Edition contains vocal music from the original Macross series, Do You Remember Love?, and Macross II. Contents differ from the 1984 Song Collection. This CD was later reissued with 20 bit K2 mastering under the title Macross Song Collection.

Track Listing

  1. マクロス ("Macross") (sung by Makoto Fujiwara)
  2. 私の彼はパイロット ("My Boyfriend's a Pilot") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  3. 小白竜(シャオパイロン) ("Little White Dragon") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  4. 愛は流れる ("Love Drifts Away") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  5. 0-G Love (sung by Mari Iijima)
  6. SUNSET BEACH (sung by Mari Iijima)
  7. 私の彼はパイロット PART II ("My Boyfriend's a Pilot Part II") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  8. マイ・ビューティフル・プレイス "My Beautiful Place" (sung by Mari Iijima)
  9. シルヴァームーン・レッドムーン ("Silver Moon, Red Moon") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  10. やさしさ SAYONARA ("Farewell to Tenderness") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  11. 愛は流れる PART II ("Love Drifts Away Part II") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  12. ランナー ("Runner") (sung by Makoto Fujiwara)
  13. 愛・おぼえていますか ("Do You Remember Love?") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  14. 天使の絵の具 ("The Song of the Angel's Paints") (sung by Mari Iijima)
  15. 2億年前のように静かだね ("A Hush Like 200 Million Years") (sung by Mika Kaneko)
  16. 約束 ("Promise") (sung by Hiroko Kasahara)
  17. あなたを感じている~ミス・センテス・レン (sung by Hiroko Kasahara)
  18. dé・jà・vu~そばにいて ("Deja Vu - Stay With Me") (sung by Mika Kaneko)
  19. もういちどLove You ("Love You Once More") (sung by Hiroko Kasahara)

Release data

  • Releaser: Victor Entertainment
  • Product code: VICL-5210
  • Product Code (Re-release): VICL-5303
  • Release date: October 27, 1993
  • Release date (re-release): October 27, 1995
  • Release date (2nd re-release): August 4, 1999
  • Price: 2500 yen
  • Price (2nd re-release): 2400 yen