Moaramia Jifon (Moaramia Fallyna Jenius)

From Macross Compendium

Zentradi girl with short purple hair
Moaramia was trained almost from birth to pilot the Variable Glaug and to devote her entire life to combat. In fact, she called herself the "Zentradi Fighting Star." Maximilian and Milia Jenius encounter this girl when she attacks their Dancing Skull special forces team at the New Nile weaponry base. Max and Milia later adopt her as a (Micloned) daughter into her teenager years. She enlists with the Dancing Skull under her new radio callsign "Purple Skull."

Age: 6
Gender: Female
Lineage: Zentradi
Occupation: Test Pilot; Fighter Pilot
Affiliation: Zentradi, UN Spacy
Rank: Second Lieutenant
Assignment: Cristrania, New Nile Weaponry Base; Algenicus, Dancing Skull


  • Debut: Macross M3
  • Voice: Tomoe Hanba