Myung Fang Lone

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Myung Fang Lone

Chinese-Causcasian producer with short black hair parted over left eye
As a child on Eden, she inherited from her biologist father a love for flowers, trees, animals -- and singing. However, a certain incident traumatized her and compelled her to emigrate to Earth. Now, some seven years later, she returns to her childhood home as the producer and central figure on the Sharon Apple Project.

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthdate: 2016
Birthplace: Eden
Lineage: Chinese-Caucasian
Height: 170 cm
Family Status: Unmarried
Occupation: Producer
Affiliation: Macross Consortium
Project Team: Sharon Apple Project


  • Debut: Plus Vol. 1
  • Voice: Rica Fukami, Akino Arai