Nicolas Francoise Berthier

From Macross Compendium

Born on a wealthy pioneer farm on the planet Eden. His father participated in the first Unification War in a Valkyrie and he rode in the backseat of a VT-1 when he was only 3-years-old cultivating and making rounds on the farm. By age 5, he received a lecture from his father about man-powered aircraft manufacturing and by age 8, he was flying a VT-1. By age 13, occasionally in the grass race on Planet Eden, growing up without already knowing what he wants to be, he is rejected by the Army scouts and became an air racer traveling to planets or immigration fleets. By age 22, he debut in Vanquish, which was still growing in those days. Ever since, he boasts his undefeated motto, "Every race appearance, always to win". Although he is a cyborg who replaced with an optical fiber implant between the brain and nervous system specializing in reaction speed, he did not switch to an AVF because he felt flying with an enhanced body would not be as interesting when flying with a high-tech airframe.

  • Age: 34

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