SNN Valkyrie

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SNN Valkyrie


Light-weight, twin-seated, civilian-use variable aircraft (owned and operated by SNN) derived from military variable aircraft.

Design Features

Light-weight design compared to military aircraft focusing on high-maneuverability. Combination of forward-swept and back-swept, fixed-wing design forms a unique 3-dimensional wing shape, allowing for stability and high-maneuverability. Although there is space in the center, wings type forms a near delta-wing shape for high-speed flights. Folding wing edges. Although capable, it lacks any armaments. Battroid configuration not available.


  • Optional 3-nozzle atmospheric-escape booster available.


Two seats. Pilot and camera-man (who is normally seated in the aft seat). Control stick, manipulators, and various instruments in pilot seat. Various television monitoring controls in camera-man position.


Large camera mounted on each wing edge.



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