Stellar Whale Passenger Boat

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Stellar Whale


Operation of a ferryboat which connects Earth and emigrant space began in the 2020s. When the development of space migration progressed, livable environments stabilized in the 2030s and operation of tourists ships became active. The space luxury liner, Stellar Whale, operated as a ferryboat to the emigrant stars. The Stellar Whale navigated from Earth to planets in a 100 light-year radius with its own fold navigation system. The interior possessed a restaurant and shopping mall, which were offered for a comfortable voyage. The Stellar Whale, which travels nonstop for 30-60 days, is one of the regular connection and tourist ships which connects Planet Eden, a popular tourist resort, and Earth in the 2040s.

  • Complement: 300 crew, 3500 passengers


Unlike a military ship, the design places priority to safety and comfort of tourists. Therefore, the engineers of Meyer Corporation, which manage the design of transoceanic luxury liners, and the Siemens Corporation cooperated with Shinnakasu Heavy Industries in its construction. Can operate within and outside of atmosphere. Its structure allows for takeoffs from water. Its passenger compartment has spacious 3-seat rows. Emergency life support system is built into the seat. The passenger compartment is divided into many levels and glass windows are installed to enjoy the scenery. Gentle-sloping body uses abundant curves. In order to soften the unpleasant sensation during fold, the strength of the hull was enhanced. Antenna mast on the upper hull is indispensable equipment during fold operations. From mast and antenna of the bow is the passenger compartment guest residential area. Including crew, passengers, store employees, up to 4500 people can board inside. Thruster nozzles on the underside and do emit light during departure. The top of the hull used in the pellucida of immigration ships is a special alloy "Herculite" in the transparent section.

Main Machinery

  • Main reactor: Eight Shinnakasu/Roice RD/2020A
  • Main drive system: Sixteen General Galaxy Gravity Control Propulsion mega-cluster GG-10PL
  • Fold engine: Eight Shinnakasu/continental FS-L-D22
  • Auxiliary propulsion system : Thirty-two Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice FF-2001P (FF-2001 thermonulcear turbine engine from Consumer Detune Service)


  • Length, overall: approx 755 m
  • Height, overall: approx 116 m
  • Width, overall: approx 149 m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 22000 tons