Uraga class

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Uraga Class: Escort Battle Carriers (CV/CVS)


  • Government: United Nations, New United Nations
  • Ship Type: Carriers, Two-deck-type Space/Water Dual-purpose carrier (NUN)

The Uraga class is the new stealth carrier class after the recent generation of ARMD carriers. It has weaponry, armor, and maneuverability comparable to a cruiser. It has been assigned as the flagship of small fleets. Few have been stationed in each colonization fleet due to their high costs compared to the ARMD carriers, but the replacement of ARMD carriers is proceeding one by one. Several are in active service as defensive stations docked to unarmed core ships such as the Riviera and Hollywood.

The Uraga-class aircraft carrier is a 500m-class Two-deck space/water, dual-purpose, aircraft carrier of a higher grade than the Guantanamo class. It has the operating ability far exceeding the Maizuru. Besides space, in atmosphere, operation on water surfaces is possible. With such comprehensive high performance, they would serve as the flagship of a small fleet at one time, but the deployment remained small.


Stealth composition. Hanger gates, docking system in aft.

Main machinery

  • General Galaxy Impulse Drive engine. Main nozzle in aft
  • OTEC/Shinnakasu Fold system (gravitational field control system attachment)



  • Bifors anti-ship/anti-aircraft beam cannons
  • Bifors laser phalanx CIWS
  • Bifors anti-aircraft high-maneuverability missile system


  • 65~75 aircraft


  • Dimensions, meters: approx 550

Mass And Loadings

  • Displacement, tons: approx 25,000 (operational)


  • Maximum instantaneous acceleration: 1.75G+

Ships in class

Uraga CV 404 Macross 7 (docked with Riviera)
Branpton [Brampton] CV 406 Macross 7 (docked with Hollywood)
Aberdeen CV 412 Macross 7 (docked with Beginhill)
Keflavik CV 417 Macross 7 (docked with Einstein)
Saratoga II CV-565
Fahrion CVS-720 Macross Frontier
Velagulf CVS-707 Macross Frontier
Rakayou CVS-670 Macross Frontier
Magellan Macross Frontier
Keiga Macross Frontier
Vandeglift CVS-761 Macross Frontier


  • Debut: Macross 7
  • Designer: Kazutaka Miyatake
  • The CV-565 Saratoga II is not specified to be in the same class as the other carriers.

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