West Point class

From Macross Compendium


  • Type: Macro-Training Base Ship

This ship is a training vessel equipped with facilities and flight simulators for pilot training. In addition to training, it supplies equipment to the fleet, develops new weaponry, and can act as a front-line headquarters.

Main machinery

  • OTEC-Sentinel impulse drive cluster
  • OTEC-Shinnakasu-General Galaxy fold system cluster for very large masses


  • Missiles:

Many anti-aircraft missile launchers

  • Cannons:

Many anti-aircraft laser phalanxes



  • Length (overall):
    • without carrier: approx 3,500 m


  • Displacement, tons: approx 3,315,000,000 operating

Ships in class

Beginhill (docked to CV-412)
Ceres Base (located in asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter ) Destroyed, 2051 February 2 (VF-X2 normal path)
Vindirance Base (located in asteroid belt of Endebald) Destroyed, 2051 January 31 (VF-X2 alternate path)