Windermere IV

From Macross Compendium

A planet in the Brisingr Global Cluster. The global government is similar to a medieval European monarchy of Earth. Characterized by cold weather, it is covered by snow most of the year. After war for independence, cease-fire was established 7 years ago, followed by an economic blockade of the Unified Government.

The species is similar to Humans with a stronger body and greater biological abilities. Their abilities surpass the Zentradi. However, the price is early growth in a short-lifespan, with the average life-span about 30-35 years. They do not age much until their later years when their skin cracks, gradually decaying like a withering plant. They have a special sensory organ called a "Rune" on their head.

At the end of the first Windermere War of independence, a dimension weapon, which had been prohibited from use, was dropped in the Carlisle district, causing extensive damage to civilians and the NUN Armed Forces stationed there. From this tragedy, the NUN Armed Forces withdrew from Windermere. The War of Independence came to a defacto cease-fire.