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  • Designer: Quimeliquola 74710020692nd Zentradi F.A.W.D.P/General Galaxy
  • Equipment Type: Battle Suits
  • Affiliation: FASCES

One of the high-end models of the Queadluun-series which was designed by Quimeliquola Arsenal during the Stellar Republic dissolution conflict. Although it was considered to have been designed for the fleet commander of the female officers' fleet for the front lines, most of the records were lost so this is not certain.

The super high-maneuverability missile launchers is the similar to the main equipment of the Queadluun-Rau, but the load capacity is 4-times greater due to the enlarged backpack. In addition, the arm pulse laser guns have such a high output that it can penetrate the anti-beam-coated armor on a VF-171 Nightmare Plus, if was equipped with it.

The design, developed by Earth engineers who defected to rogue Zentradi who designed the Feious Valkyrie, incorporated the technology from the enemy Valkyrie with the Queadluun-Rau and it has a variable function to a high-speed flight form.

The ether wave emitted by the remains of the Protodeviln, is used by Angers 672 through the astral world and the system to create a physical force field barrier is incorporated which could theoretically endue a direct hit from a Macross Cannon. It is unknown whether or not this inherent feature was originally provided in this system.

Design Features

The enlarged body is equipped with many high-maneuverability nozzles, the excellent Queadluun-Rau's inertial control system, and in atmosphere or outer space, its mobility is equal to or surpasses the VF-19 Excalibur. The strength of the energy converting armor and the compound cybernetics armoring is equal to the Nousjadeul-Ger and has high defensive power. High-speed flight mode.



SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active stealth system. Astral system.


  • Medium-bore rapid-fire impact cannon.
  • Large-bore Charged-particle shot cannon.
  • Rail rifle for close-quarter combat.
  • Two air-to-air high-speed-rotating tri-barrel laser pulse gun.
  • Close-combat super high-maneuverability missile launchers.
  • Claws for dogfighting.

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  • Modeler: UNIT-507 and Hide Iwai

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