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July 17

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross

Episode 01 Booby Trap

  • 0030 Japan Standard Time (approximately): The Space Station New Frontier located 36000 km above the Phoenix Islands detects an intense radioactive phenomenon at the Lunar orbit, followed by an appearance of an object of great mass. Furthermore, it confirms that object is heading towards Earth, coming 5.88 km closer every second. After approximately 18 hours, it will fall onto the Earth's surface. Upon receiving the report, the United Nations Space Agency confers with the heads of every nation. They each eventually adopt a response plan.
  • 0600 Japan Standard Time: The falling object is determined by its form and other features to be an unknown object very different from a meteorite, and its forecasted path after atmospheric entry is made public (but as a meteorite).
  • 0700 Japan Standard Time: Since Japan is only separated by about 1500 km from the predicted crashpoint, the news is announced in Japan in the form of an earthquake warning due to the panic predicted. The response plan is adopted.
  • 1815 Japan Standard Time: Admidst a dispute between a faction advocating to destroy it by nuclear attack and factions advocating for no attack, the object named "EVA" (evangel, which means the Gospel of the Coming) enters the atmosphere above Burma. Due to the high temperatures and terrific shock waves, it reduces the summit of Mount Everest by nearly 1000 meters, destroys Moscow and Stockholm, and inflicts damage while passing over all parts of Europe. Furthermore, it travels over Iceland and Greenland, causes volcanoes to erupt in Canada, and falls onto the South Ataria Island at the southermost tip of the Ogasawara Islands above the Tropic of Cancer.
  • A huge mysterious comet [meteor] from outer space crashes on Earth.
South Ataria Island
  • Upon investigation by the United Nations, the meteorite is determined to be an alien spaceship. It is designated with the codename ASS-1 (Alien Starship-1).
  • Official announcements are made that an asteroid 3 km in diameter and composed of great quantities of metal fell.
  • Due to the great destructive damage, abnormal weather, and starvation caused in all parts of America, Russia [Soviet Union], Europe, and [the rest of] the world by the shock waves accompanying the fall of the ASS-1, the existence of aliens is treated as top secret until the confusion is brought under control. What begins as an emergency summit meeting between America and Russia [Soviet Union] becomes a summit meeting between every nation.


  • United Nations Investigation Teams organized. Thorough study of ASS-1 begins by United Nations Investigation Teams. South Ataria Island designated a United Nations sphere of jurisdiction.


  • According to the first report of the ASS-1 study, the alien spaceship is determined to be a war vessel, and its alien crew to be giants whose height is five times that of Humans.
  • In preparation for alien warfare, a plan is drafted to unify the countries of Earth and to establish an Earth U.N. Government.

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