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  • Establishment of OTEC, an alien technology analysis research institute, through joint Japanese-American-Russian[Soviet]-[West] German-English-French collaboration.


  • Research on anti-giant combat weaponry systems ([later designated as] Battroid and Destroid) begins. (note: Macross Chronicle notes that this event can also be considered to have begun in March)


  • The existence of aliens officially announced (except for their size and other details which are kept top secret). Following this, framing plan for Earth U.N. Government officially announced.


U.N. Wars
  • Outbreak of dispute [in People's Republic of Garalia] in the Middle East. The frequent disputes and internal conflicts occurring hereafter in all areas of the world become collectively known as the U.N. Wars.


  • In the Sea of Tranquility on the Lunar surface, construction of a large-scale permanent base, "Apollo," begins.


  • The idea of an Unified Government is announced by the United Nations. Hereafter, the United Nations is considered to be the provisional Unified Government.
  • The No.1 craft of the first anti-extraterrestrial humanoid weapon Destroid is completed.
  • Designing of the HWR-00 series begins.

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  • The creators have noted that Russia (or the former Soviet Union) is part of the new U.N. government -- although Russia had separatist elements and rebellions like other countries.