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  • Rollout of MBR-07-Mk I Spartan.


  • An alien relic is discovered and recovered from the bottom of the ocean near the island of Mayan. (Macross History version 2008)


  • MBR-07-Mk I Spartan upgraded to Mk II with improved TV searching system and added anti-air weaponry.

Macross Zero

  • The Mayan Conflict breaks out between the U.N. Forces aircraft carrier Asuka and Anti-U.N. Alliance Forces.
  • The U.N. government and Anti-U.N. forces secretly deploy the VF-0 and SV-51 respectively while disputing over a recently discovered phenomenon on the island of Mayan in the South Pacific Ocean. (The events are kept secret for at least five decades.)
  • The Bird Human that was the alien relic awakens and goes out of control.


  • [VF-1 series [scheduled to] begin deployment for actual combat. (However, usage is to have been limited to Fighter mode only.)]


  • After the Bird Human Incident, the nations who joined the Anti-U.N. Alliance announce their withdrawal. (Macross History version 2008)
  • Rollout of the HWR-00 Mk.II series model.


  • The mass production of the all-regime variable fighter VF-1 series begins.

November 23

  • Rollout of the first trial production VF-1A variable fighter.

November 29

  • Maiden flight of the first trial production VF-1A variable fighter.


  • Space carriers ARMD I and ARMD II commissioned.
  • Real end of the U.N. Wars. The Earth U.N. Government is strengthened.


The preliminary version of the Macross History during the release of Macross Zero had dated the Mayan Conflict in September of 2008.

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