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VF Mockup
  • Basic design of variable fighter system completed.
  • [Development begins on a fighter [to be known as] VF-X-3.]
  • [Development begins on a fighter [to be known as] VF-X-4.]


  • Outbreak of rioting [in Russia] in the Kirghiz, and Kazakh Autonomous Regions. The Second Defensive Battle for South Ataria Island.


  • Trial production of the MBR-07-Mk I begins.

March 29

April 14

  • Founding Earth U.N. Government prime minister [representative] Harlan J. Niven [Niiben (sic)] is assassinated. Robert A. Rhysnink [Rhysling] is installed as his successor.



  • Outbreak of guerilla warfare all over America.


  • Withdrawal from Mars Base led by Harry Miler.


September 8

  • 1800: The return fleet from Mars is destroyed with 3055 U.N. forces personnel onboard by this [aforementioned] destroyer's attack.

September 10

  • Official announcement of the Mars return fleet's destruction by the U.N. Military Headquarters.


  • The U.N. Forces destroy the Anti-U.N. Military Organization's captured space destroyer Tsiolkovsky via an attack with reaction weaponry by Captain Bruno J. Global's space destroyer Goddard. (First use of reaction weaponry in actual combat.)


  • Trial production of the HWR-00 series begins.


  • In an Anti-U.N. Army retaliatory attack on the U.N. Forces, the under-construction Grand Cannon II is destroyed in Australia.
  • Through the use of OTM, the super-large-scale semi-submersible aircraft carrier CVS-101 Prometheus is commissioned.

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