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  • Inauguration of Earth U.N. Government but activities begins one month later. [Founding Prime Minister, Harlan J. Niven [Niiben (sic)]].
  • Anti-Unification Alliance is founded by uniting the groups that oppose the Unified Government idea.


  • The Earth U.N. Government officially starts.
  • Establishment of Earth U.N. Forces as well as U.N. Navy and U.N. Air Force.
  • Project startup with OTEC as the heart of project on the restorating and reconstructing of the fallen ASS-1 alien spaceship for reuse as a capitalwarship of the Earth U.N. Forces.
  • Hereafter, the ASS-1 spaceship is redesignated SDF-1 (Super Dimension Fortress-1). Space launch scheduled for 2006 May.
  • Stonewell/Bellcom design team completes initial Battroid design based on [the design later designated as] the Destroid.


  • Successful development of new materials by OTEC.


  • [Construction of large-scale space manufacturing station begins at L-5 in Lunar orbit.]
  • Construction of Earth U.N. Military Headquarters for anti-stellar-warfare begins in Alaska. On the same site, Grand Cannon System I is constructed.
  • Disputes intensify in many parts of the world and eventually the U.N. Wars between Alliance Anti U.N. and Earth U.N. Government officially begins.


  • Construction of permanent Mars base begins.
  • Civilians begin immigrating to South Ataria Island for the ASS-1's restoration.


  • Theory of SDF-1's thermonuclear reaction system explained.
  • Designing of the F203 begins.
  • The Destroids are put into their first actual combat during the U.N. Wars, and are used against Humans.


  • The development of an Earth-made large-scale reaction engine succeeds.


  • Theory of SDF-1's Main Cannon firing system explained.
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