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  • As one new weapon after another is introduced by both opposing forces, more war erupts in all areas of the world. (Macross History version 2008)
  • Trial prototype production of VF-X variable fighter system begins early in the year.
  • Roll-out of the first Octos Destroid.


  • In the Lunar North Polar Region, construction on Grand Cannon IV begins.


  • SLV-111 [CLV-111] Daedalus is commissioned as a super-large-scale assault landing vessel .


  • Outbreak of the Third Defensive Battle for South Ataria.


  • Decision made to formally adopt the MBR-04 series of Destroids. Mass production begins.

September 24

  • Misa Hayase lives in the U.N. Military Officers' Academy housing as the U.N. Wars nears their conclusion.


  • In the Central Russian Administrative Region, the Anti-U.N. Army uses strategic [tactical] nukes. St. Petersburg's [Leningrad's] destruction demonstrates that the Anti-U.N. Army also has the capability for retaliatory strikes using thermonuclear reaction weaponry on the earth's surface.


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