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Used at the South Pacific Ocean near the island of Mayan one year before Space War One. Developed by the Anti-UN Alliance from OTM-obtained information in the same generation as the Destroid Cheyenne. Roll-out of the first Octos in 2006. Since the production costs were high, manufacturing stopped at a small number. Even with some failures, it was sturdy to the extent that it did interfere in combat, earning a reputation among soldiers. By the end of the UN Wars, 92 units were produced. The U.N. resumed production after the conclusion of the UN Wars with a total of 28 units produced until Space War I, when the production line was destroyed.

Design Features

Variable transformation system with submarine cruise and ground-combat, quadruped assault-tank modes. Later models with reaction engine have increased maneuverability. Furthermore, with engine output surplus from a reaction engine, it is possible to operate energy conversion armor, replacing composite armor on earlier models.

Power plant

  • Underwater-use fuel cell-cluster/Ground-use diesel turbine engine (later machines are equipped with a thermonuclear reaction turbine).


Pilot in cockpit. The cockpit is located under the 12.7 mm dual beam machine gun turret. When the hatch is open, a machine gun can be mounted. Cabin in main body with room for 5-6 people.


Camera unit in sensor globe in forward section with searchlight.


  • Bifors 57mm multi-use rapid-fire cannon located above top right dorsal section in ground-combat quadruped mode.
  • 8-shot missile launcher above top left dorsal section in land mode.
  • 12.7mm dual beam machine gun turret on top dorsal section in ground-combat quadruped mode.
  • Torpedoes in arm section in submarine cruise mode.
  • Anti-personnel machine gun on ventral main body.


  • Length: 18.2 m (underwater mode)
  • Height: 11.2 m (Destroid mode)

Mass & Loadings

  • Fully loaded weight: 55.15 t


  • Operational depth: 250 m (max 375 m)
  • Underwater speed: 40 Kt (max 45 Kt)
  • Ground speed: walking, 45 Kmph
    • rolling, 95 Kmph




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