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  • ARMD VIII commissioned.
  • TV Episode 21 Micro-Cosmos
    • The film Shao Pai Lo[o]n [Zhao Bai Long/Little White Dragon] screened aboard Macross.

January 10

  • TV Episode 22 Love Concert
  • TV Episode 23 Dropout
    • Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-11 Dropout
    • Zentradi begin seeking refuge aboard Macross.
  • Alaska's Grand Cannon I completed.

January 20-21

  • TV Episode 24 Good-Bye Girl

January 29

  • TV Episode 25 Virgin Road


February 11

  • TV Episode 26 The Messenger
    • Peace treaty agreement concluded between Macross and Vrlitwhai Adoclass Fleet.
  • TV Episode 27 Love Goes Away
  • The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: The Lost Two Years
    • Sony PlayStation 2 Game Stage P-12 Love Goes Away
    • Boddole Main Fleet arrives within the Solar System. The Battle with Boddole Zer Main Fleet. Earth's annihilation.
    • VF-X-2's further development stopped due to Earth's annihilation.
    • 1100 - 1127 Macross Standard Time: Due to the "Lynn Minmay" Operation, the U.N. Forces and Vrlitwhai Fleet annihilate Boddole Fleet and triumph.
    • Land battles begins.

February [March]


  • Conclusion of Space [Stellar] War I. Earth atmospheric purification operation begins. A total of several hundred thousand [to approximately one million] survivors confirmed in the Grand Cannons III and V, the Lunar surface's Apollo Base, and the space colony clusters [bunches].

March 3

  • Misa Hayase celebrates her 20th birthday with Claudia La Salle, Bruno J. Global, Maximilian and Milia Jenius, Vanessa Laird, Shammy Milliome, Kim Kabirov, and Hikaru Ichijyo.


  • Establishment New U.N. Government [new Unity Government]. Education programs for Zentradi begin. Miclone processing of Zentradi applicants begins.
  • The Zentradi Miclone Timoshie Daldanton joins the U.N.Spacy.


  • Macross City reconstruction begins.
  • Mass cloning of people as well as animals and plants through the use of Protoculture technology begins.
  • Start of nature reclamation project. Earth ecosystem rehabilitation begins


  • At the Lunar surface's Apollo Base, the half-constructed SDF-2 is renamed Megaroad-01, and construction resumes as an emigration ship. At the same time, patrols of the Solar System begin using Super Valkyries based at Apollo Base.


  • Surviving parts plants scattered around the space colonies and the Lunar surface's Apollo Base begin producing VF-1 Valkyries again.


  • New variable fighters designed from converted Valkyries begin first developmental test flights.


  • Repairs to Vrlitwhai Kridanik's flagship are completed, and it is recommissioned as the first battleship of the new U.N. Forces space fleet. Miclone processing rate of Zentradi exceeds 50%.

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