Megaroad class

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Megaroad Class


  • Government: U.N.
  • Ship Type: Colonization Ships
  • Class: 13 Megaroad Class (SDF)
  • Complement: 25,000 [80,000] colonists

Construction of second Macross Class ship begins at the Lunar surface's Apollo Base 2003 November. Construction resumes as a colonization ship after Space War I on half-constructed and renamed SDF-2 Megaroad-01 2010 June after the Humanity Seeding Project is implemented. With the exception of the engine block and command control block, most are newly designed and does not retain the original look. Megaroad-01 launches as part of the first long-distance colonization fleet and construction of mass-produced super-long-distance colonization ships Megaroad-02 and -03 based on the Megaroad 2012 September. Hereafter, one or two super-long-distance colonization ships are constructed yearly. Launches of the second and third super-long-distance colonization fleet (Megaroad-02 and -03 ships) 2014. Hereafter, super-long-distance colonization fleets are routinely launched.

This ship was designed as the mothership of a large-scale space emigration with emphasis on long-term navigation and living environment capability, using the knowledge acquired from the SDF-1 Macross effectively. Although the population decreased sharply from the SDF-1 with a complement of 25,000 people, the amount of supplies in preparation for the long-term cruise and residential facilities was dramatically improved. However, it has minimal armaments and due to its low hull strength, it is not suitable for battle. However, the ship's primary mission is to protect the seeds of humanity.


Glass area creates a free-space feature, equipped closed-cycle long-term habitation system. It has low load limit structure and lacks maneuverability and acceleration performance. Large glass area in central bow replaces main cannon system in addition to abandoning the transformation mechanism.


  • Name: Megaroad-01
    • No: SDF 02
    • Builders: OTEC Co
    • Laid down: 2003 Nov
    • Launched: 2012 Sep
    • Lost: 2016
  • Name: Megaroad-02
    • Laid down: 2012 Sep
    • Launched: 2014
  • Name: Megaroad-03
    • Laid down: 2012 Sep
    • Launched: 2014
  • Name: Megaroad-13
    • Laid down: 2019 Jun
  • Name: Megaroad-24
    • Destroyed during construction
  • Name: Megaroad-25
    • Destroyed during construction



  • Length: 1,770 m
  • Displacement: 30,300,000 tons




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