Macross Class

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Macross Class


  • Government: U.N.
  • Ship Type: Super Dimension Fortresses
  • Class: 1 + 1 Macross Class (SDF)
  • Complement: 20,000; 58,000 civilians (reduced to 56,000 and then 40,000 by attrition)
    • SDFN: 10,000 military and civilian personel

Restoration and reconstruction of then-named ASS-1 for use as the main warship of UN Forces authorized in 2001 September. ASS-1 is re-designated SDF-1 in the same month and named Macross in 2009 January. Construction of second Macross-class ship begins 2003 November. SDF-1 Macross launched on 7 February 2009 after initial estimated launch date of May 2006. The first space fold transported the ship near the orbit of Pluto instead near the Moon the intended destination on the same day. Underwent refit with a civilian and business sector built into aft section hull and docked with CVS-101 Prometheus and SLV-111 Daedalus February to March, 2009. Underwent complete overhaul from January to August, 2012.


After the end of Space War I, the New U.N. Military Command Center was built in the midsection of the SDF-1 Macross. Construction begins again on half-completed Megaroad-01 2010 June [Please see 13 Megaroad Class entry]. After the (First Defensive) Battle of Macross City and the resulting heavy damage on the Macross in January 2012, the U.N. authorized a complete overhaul, including redesigned bow-firing cannon and improved bridge layout. Overhaul largely completed by September 2012 before the space launch ceremony of the SDF-2 Megaroad-01. Space flight and combat tests of the Ghost X-9 unmanned fighter conducted from the Macross under ship captain Higgins. "Sharon Apple Incident" occurs during the Space War I Armistice 30th anniversary ceremony and Ghost X-9 public unveiling 2040 March. To date, it continues to fulfill its assigned task of planetary defense.


This emigrant ship was built for the purpose of investigating and securing routes in advance of the departure of the super-long distance emigrant ship, Megaroad-01. It is a new model built as a new fold-capable space battleship cruiser and developed as an intermediate immigration ship. It is the mass-produced version of the SDF-1 Macross. Its appearance is almost the same and transformation is also possible. Although a crew of 10,000 people total (military and civilian) is small-scale for a emigrant crew, it is sufficient for an advance-team. Total of twelve were built. Since the engines and armaments were diverted from Zentradi medium-sized warships, each warship differs in armament.

Ships in class

SDFN-01 Takashi Hayase
SDFN-04 Bruno J. Global
SDFN-08 Vrlitwhai Kridanik

SDFN-4 Bruno J. Global

Flagship of the 117th Research fleet. Although it was thought that it was destroyed during the Vajra attack, the wreckage was discovered on Gallia 4. There is a city for living and research facilities for Vajra study.


  • Name: Macross
    • No: SDF 1
    • Builders: OTEC Co (Original creators: Supervision Army)
    • Laid down: 1999 Jul 01 (Date of crash on Earth; original lay down date unknown)
    • Launched: 2009 Feb 07
    • Commissioned: 2009 Feb 07
  • Name: Megalord
    • No: SDF 2
    • Builders: OTEC Co
    • Laid down: 2003 Nov
    • Launched: 2013 (planned)
    • Commissioned: 2014 (planned)
    • [Please see Megaroad Class entry.]
  • Name: (General) Hayase
    • No. SDFN-1
  • Name: (General) Bruno J. Global
    • No. SDFN-4


  • Displacement, Tons:
    • SDF-1 Macross: 18000000 standard operating, 22000000 standard operating (after 2012 overhaul)
    • SDF 2 Megalord: 20700000 standard operating (planned)
  • Dimensions, Metres:
    • SDF-1 Macross: 1210 x 496 x 312 (length x width x height), 1200 x 600 (approximate, after 2012 overhaul)
    • SDF 2 Megalord: 1620 (length, planned)

Main Machinery

  • Overtechnology Macross heat pile system cluster
  • Overtechnology Macross gravity control system
  • Overtechnology Macross fold system cluster
  • Main thruster: Overtechnology Macross nozzle cluster
  • Vertical thruster: Overtechnology main nozzle cluster
  • Vernier thruster: Overtechnology vernier thrusters


  • Cannons:
    • Main: Overtechnology Macross bow-firing super-dimension-energy cannon with beam polarizing converging system.
    • Auxiliary: 8 Overtechnology guided converging beam cannon system, 4 high speed 178-cm-diameter electro magnetic rail cannons.
  • Missiles:
    • Main: large automatic anti-ship missile launchers.
    • Auxiliary: various missile emplacements.
  • Countermeasures: Pin-point/total barrier system.
  • Aerospace Craft
  • Variable Vehicles
    • 212 VF-1 Valkyrie (2009 February 7)
      • 120 VF-1A
      • 12 VF-1D
      • 50 VF-1J
      • 30 VF-1S
    • 300+ VF-1 Super Valkyrie (2010 February 11).
  • Destroids



  • Debut: Macross TV episode 1
  • Other appearances: Movie, 2012, II, Plus, 7, F


In the story, the Macross name was coined from the English [Greek] prefix "macro-" for its large-scale connotation. In real life, Macross (Makurosu) was coined by Studio Nue and Artland as a compromise with Big West's producer, a Shakespeare fan who wanted to name the series Macbeth (Makubesu). The main cannon was called the "buster cannon" during pre-production.

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