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The Vajra is a mysterious extraterrestral life-form that attacked the Macross Frontier fleet in March of 2059. Its units are able to disrupt the guidance systems of the New U.N. Spacy's unmanned Ghost fighters and missiles, but most of their capabilities, objectives, and levels of intelligence are otherwise unknown. Vajra units come in small and large forms.

There is a small yellow Vajra unit type and a large red one with yellow spiral markings. Both are fast and have offensive weapons. The large red unit carries a cannon capable of destroying an entire space warship with a single salvo. The small Vajra also has a similar weapon on its front, but its destructive capability is unknown.

Episode 5 - Star Date

The New U.N. government first confirmed the existence of the Vajra around 2040, but kept their existence a secret. 11 years before 2059, the Vajra attacked the 117th Large-Scale Research Fleet, an event that caused the deaths of nearly 1,000 people. The red large Vajra unit is a biological weapon with an exoskeleton that employs energy-conversion armor similar to that of the Valkyries. It can travel by space fold by itself, and can internally reproduce missiles and other items on demand. It barely has any brain matter, and what little it has is not necessary for its operations.

Episode 7 - First Attack

During the mission to rescue survivors from the Macross Galaxy fleet from the Vajra, the New U.N. Spacy/S.M.S. forces from Macross Frontier encounter a Vajra carrier. The carrier travels by space fold and is armed with a cannon that activates after the ship's bow splits in half.

Episode 13 - Memory of Global

When Alto Saotome explores the ruins of the Global (the fourth Macross-class ship) he discovers a Vajra Hive and a Vajra Queen inside the ship. A Vajra Mothership containing the hive also appears when its fleet of Vajra leaves planet Gallia 4.

Episode 14 - Mother's Lullaby

It was revealed that the Vajra become distracted and confused whenever Ranka sings.

Episode 15 - Ranka Attack

N.U.N.S. use Ranka and her song as a succesful weapon to make the Vajra stop their attacks.

Episode 17 - Goodbye Sister

According to Brera Stern, the Vajra are constantly evolving and the information about the damage that one unit receives is instantly shared and stored by the whole race, then used as feedback during the creation of new Vajra units. This makes the use of the same type of attack on them useless over time.

Episode 19 - Triangler (Macross Frontier episode)

Luca Angeloni recognizes Ranka's missing pet ("Ai-kun") as some type of Vajra larvae, after inspecting a drawing made of it by Nanase Matsuura.




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