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Macross Frontier: The Super Dimension Song Maiden Ranka
February 26

March 2

March 3

March 4

  • Ranka Lee is under hospital observation. Due to a childhood accident, she has a "disorder that invokes extreme reactions at the thought of death or injury to those close to her".

March 5

  • Alto Saotome meets Ranka Lee on the hill at the park. Ranka takes the first step toward being a singer.

March 22

  • Miss Macross Frontier auditions. Ranka Lee secretly applies to "Miss Macross Frontier".

April 15

April 20

April 21

April 29

May 1

May 5

  • Ranka Lee performs "Ninjin Loves You Yeah!" at Folmo.

May 9

May 12

May 18

May 26

  • Casting for "Bird Human" movie.

May 31

  • Macross Frontier TV episode 10 - Legend of Zero
    • Ranka Lee is casted in minor role in the "Bird Human" movie as "Daughter of Mayan A". Filming takes place on Island 3. Because the woman casted as the heroine "Mao" was attacked by a Hydra, Ranka is quickly inserted as a substitute.

June 1 - June 3

  • Ranka Lee films her role on the "Bird Human" movie (her participation is extended through June 21).

June 23

  • Ranka Lee returns to school after a long absence.

June 27

  • Additional filming for "Bird Human" movie.

June 29

July 6

July 12

July 14

  • Ranka Lee is interviewed concerning her role in the film, "Bird Human".

July 16

  • Ranka Lee does her first gravure-modeling photography session. Ranka e-mails Alto Saotome during intervals of work.

July 18

  • Ranka Lee films a commercial for Nyan-Nyan, where she worked part-time.

July 21

  • Many fans assemble during a live radio broadcast with Ranka Lee. This is her first opportunity to come in contact with her fans.

July 23

  • Ranka Lee appears in her first live TV broadcast. The strength of her singing voice is displayed.

July 27

July 28

August 1

August 2

August 3

August 6

August 11

August 13

  • "Ranka Attack" used in an experiment on the Vajra with tremendous effect.

August 14

August 15

  • Ranka Lee's "First Live Revenge!" performance (Although originally scheduled for August 3, Ranka was recovering after being rescued from the Vajra). Her older brother, Ozma Lee also attends. After her first live performance, Ranka's popularity increases further.

August 17

August 25

August 27

  • Ranka Lee attends mourning ceremonies. Ranka stops singing.

August 28

September 2

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