Battle Frontier

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  • Government: New United Nations

A variable stealth space attack aircraft carrier with the abbreviated name, Battle 25/MF25-01. It is docked at the tip of Island 1 during peace time and takes charge of guarding the convoy as the combat section of the 25th New Macross class warship (Macross Frontier is classified as an Island Cluster class).

Since the scale of the emigrant fleet and the accompanying naval fleet has grown more than Macross 7 class and to support its role as the combat backbone of the fleet, it was designed to have enhanced combat strength, command capabilities, fire power, and ship-aircraft performance, exceeding the earlier Battle-class. For this reason, its length was stretched 200 meters more than Battle 7 class and its operational weight was enlarged to 16,550,000 tons, or doubled due to increased output.

Although Battle Frontier and Battle Galaxy are the same type of warship with a common design, things such as the interior, electronic equipment and more are greatly different.


Battle Frontier is comprised of 6 ships: 2 stealth medium space carriers which become the arms in attack form, a Combat Command Carrier "central block", 2 medium assault battleships which become the leg "engine blocks", and a heavy bombardment warship "Gunship". Even if separated, each can do fold navigation and more, and have plenty of combat capabilities, like a battleship. The aft-section of Battle Frontier is equipped with 4 main thermonuclear reaction engines on each side and 10 secondary thermonuclear reaction engines on each side.

Design Features

When transformed from fortress to attack form, it is possible to use all weapons which are stowed away in weapons bays to increase the ship's stealthiness. The transformation time has been reduced from the earlier Battle class. In combat mode, the main reactor operates in combat mode and enchanced energy converting armor in the main block functions. Pin-point barrier and omni-directional defensive screen use secondary thermonuclear reaction engine. Flight deck is composed of enhanced energy converting armor. Command control capability is greater than earlier Battle class required when remodelling increased the large C4 control hall in the bridge section. Because of this, it has gained the ability to manage the navigation of the Frontier fleet and the entire Fleet Escort Force.

Main Machinery

  • Main power: Thermonuclear reaction engine matrix
  • Main Engine: OTM Macross Heat-Pile Cluster system
  • High-manueverabilty booster: Pulse Rocket Engine matrix; uses micro-reaction cartridge for the outer hull of the leg.
  • Fold system: OTM Macross Fold Engine cluster system
  • Gunship: Ultra-high capacity energy capacitor with high-output reaction furnace for rapid charging and auxiliary energy charge from the surrounding thermonuclear turbine engines in the ship for continuous fire.


  • One Gunship, Advance-type (Macross Cannon or Mega-Macross Cannon). When energy is supplied from the main power reactor of Battle Frontier in Attack mode, maximum output and re-fire rate improves. However it is necessary to impose a limit on the number of uses for cooling the gun barrel and particle accelerator system.
  • Twelve guided anti-ship heavy beam cannon turrets
  • Twenty-four single heavy beam guns, located in the Engine blocks.
  • Close-range beam Phalanx
  • Anti-ship reaction-warhead missile launchers
  • Micro-missile Phalanx for close-in defense.
  • Pin-point Barrier


  • 750 aircraft (fighters {VF-171 and others}, bombers, and reconnaissance planes)


  • Length, overall: 1,681 m (including antennas)
  • Height, overall: 1,186 m (Attack mode)
  • Width, overall
    • Warship mode: 521 m
    • Attack mode: 747 m
  • Displacement, gross: 16,550,000 t


  • Length: 655 m
  • Displacement: 3,000,000 t

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