New Macross class

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New Macross class


  • Government: United Nations Government
  • Ship Type: Colonization Ship

This class was designed as the flagship for super-long-distance colonization fleets. Macross 5 constructed by Zentradi and designed with Zentradi technology. Macross 5 and Macross 7 share similar designs due to structures designed by General Galaxy.

The feature of Macross 7 is in the structure which the City ship connects with the Battle class ship. This is something which assures the functional specialization of the emigrant ship by dividing the combat and residential divisions clearly and is a structure common in the New Macross class immigration ship (there are differences in details of the warship). In addition, this warship structure was inherited by the Island Cluster class.

Macross 13's variable space stealth attack aircraft carrier, Battle 13, was used as an early experiment for the next generation Macross warship. The UN forces supplied this in the final battle to the Lactence as their last resort. It disabled missiles by a jamming station from the Vindurance fleet and the special operations group, Ravens. In response, Ravens issued the mission code "Remember Love", to destroy the jamming system located in the head of Battle 13.


City defensive shell over majority of City section (not on Macross 1 at 2038 launch). Aerospace facilities include twelve standard catapults, six at the forward end of of the flight deck, three at the center, and three to the port at the aft angled deck. Bridge includes three electromagnetic catapults for immediate scramble of interceptor-fighters and command liaison craft hatch. Outside the main city dome are the docking bay island (approximately 300 m long) and event dome, both uncovered by defensive shell. (Docking bay island reused as "Akusho (Acshio) Area" on Macross 7). Central hanger has control room and fire-safety system. Transport network seen on top of City 7's dome, "Stellar Arm Line", is spread out on the surface. Four-tier bridge structure (Battle 7).

In attack mode, armaments are exposed and close-quarter combat ability is high. Transformation is used to improve combat capability and is more advanced the the first generation Macross class warship. Transformation during atmospheric entry is possible. Use of gunship (Macross Cannon) mainly in Attack-mode allows for unrestricted angle-of-fire. Internalized-type armaments for stealth purposes. Forward deck of the aircraft carrier, located on the forearms, can be used as a shield, therefore, energy converting armor in addition to normal compound armor is used. Diamond in the shoulder region functions as a defense shield. Due to the aircraft carrier's large size, stealthing was difficult. To compensate, active stealth function is used for the stealth nature. The aircraft carrier's two-step flight deck has demonstrated superior aircraft deployment capability. Angled deck on the port-side of the of the aft deck. It does not adhere to a passive stealth form due to active stealth.

Battle 13 uses a more aggressive design among the Battle-sections of the New Macross-class.


New Macross class ships composed of two main sections: Battle and City ships (with power plant docking unit). Battle class ships designed as super-sized variable-purpose stealth space attack carrier. City class ships designed as super-long-distance colonization ships. Battle class ship can separate from City class ship when it is necessary during combat. Bridge located on the starboard-side allows use of the aft deck. Fold navigation is possible for the Gunship. City class ship is designed to act as a oceanic-floating city upon arrival at an immigration planet. Although the dome that protects City 7 can open approximately 90-degrees, it is usually locked in a semi-open state. Hologram of the sky is projected in the inside of the shell. Underside of the City class ship has 2 vacuum docks which can accommodate 2 Battle class ships for maintenance and it provides a double defensive shutter. The fin located on the power plant dock which extends from the top and the bottom is the heat dissipation system. Bridge catapults are plasma accelerators for high speed aircraft launching. When sortieing, guidelines and guide beacon are projected forward.

Main machinery

  • Main Engine: OTM Macross heat-pile cluster system
  • Main power/Powerplant: OTM Macross thermonuclear reaction engine matrix
  • Fold Engine: OTM Macross Fold engine cluster system. Both Battle 7 and City 7 have a fold engine and can be linked through a power pipe.
  • Gunship reactor
    • Gunship fold system


  • About 300,000 total inhabitants (Macross 5)
  • approx 350,000 colonists (City 7, as of 2045)


  • Guns
    • Main gun: OTEC-manufactured, bow-mounted Gunship super beam weapon, 100 degrees elevation when latched to holder grip mounted on the right shoulder, less than 1 shot/60 min. Folding hand grip. When used in hand-held shooting mode, energy is supplied from Battle 7. Macross Cannon can operate independently, but function and output will be greatly restricted. Macross Cannon's energy consumption is intense and independent usage is limited to 2~3 times.
    • 4 beam weapons
    • Large guided anti-ship beam cannon turrets (Battle 5)
    • many OTEC-General Galaxy stealth concealed-unconcealed-type converging energy cannon ports (Battle 7)
    • many Bifors CIWS beam Phalanx (Battle 7)
  • Countermeasures
    • pin-point barrier, total barrier system for a short time to short ranges
    • Sound Jamming system (Battle 13)
  • Missiles
    • Anti-ship large-sized reaction warhead missile launchers (Battle 5)
    • Close-in high-maneuverability micro-missile phalanxes (Battle 5)
    • Anti-fleet anti-planet super-long range reaction warheads (Battle 7)
    • Anti-ship High-maneuverability missile system (Battle 7)
  • Combat data systems
    • Stealth Aegis



Macross 5

Displacement, tons:

  • approx 7,777,770,000 (Macross 5)
    • 7,770,000 (Battle 5)
      • 6,250,000 (Battle 5, empty)
    • 2,500,000 (gunship)

Dimensions, metres:

  • Length: approx 7,770
    • 1510 (Battle 5, carrier mode)
    • 695 (gunship)
  • Width: approx 3,885
    • 370 (Battle 5)
  • Height: approx 2,130 (Not including antenna)
    • 333 (Battle 5, not including antenna)

Macross 7

Displacement, tons:

  • approx 7,777,770,000 (Macross 7, 2038, time of depature)
    • 7,770,000 (Battle 7)
      • 6,250,000 (Battle 7, empty)
    • 2,500,000 (gunship)

Dimensions, metres:

  • approx 7,770 (Macross 7)
    • 1,510 (Battle 7, carrier mode)
    • 1,177 (Battle 7, attack formation mode)
    • approx 800 (power plant)
    • approx 5000 (City 7)

Bridge, tons: 20,000
Bridge, metres: 195

Ships in class

Macross 1 1 2030 September Macross 1
Macross 3 3 Macross 3
Macross 4 4 Macross 4
Macross 5 5 2045 September Macross 5
Macross 7 7 2038 Macross 7
Macross 9 9 Macross 9
Macross 11 11 Macross 11
Macross 13 13 2051 February 14 Macross 13
Macross Galaxy* 21 2059 September

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  • Macross Galaxy is a New Macross class with a new style of emigrant ship of another series. It has a city vessel and companion warship of a unique form.
  • The Island Cluster class of Macross Frontier is classified as a development [lit. succession] of the New Macross class. The Battle unit is classified as a New Macross Class, however Macross Frontier is classified as a Island Cluster class.