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Island 1 is the flagship of the Macross Frontier fleet. It holds approximately half the fleet's population of 10 million, and a transparent dome encapsulates the top of the ship. A protective shell normally stays open over the dome, but it can close during battle and space fold operations. It is big enough to contain mountains, valleys, plains, rivers, and a sea. The plains contain the office districts, residential areas, parks, shopping districts, schools, and hospitals. In particular, the ship holds the Tenkumon concert hall and Mihoshi Academy. The ship was designed to resemble Earth before its near annihilation (during the early 2000s) to invoke a psychological sense of security. Old Earth structures can be clearly seen such as buildings from the American city of San Francisco and Shibuya of Japan.

The Macross Frontier fleet belongs to the Island Cluster class where many Environment ships are connected to a City ship (Island 1) which is enlarged, exceeding the operation of each ship and transport of manpower, compared to the New Macross class. The center of the fleet is Island 1, which is about 15km in length, which is the leader of the fleet, functioning as the main residential area. In addition to Battle Frontier, which serves as the guard, it consists of a large number of Environment ships classified as agricultural resort ships, industrial ships, residential ships, and more, where people can live while navigating through space without problems.


  • Population: 5 million (Macross Frontier, Island 1)

Design Features

Bio-plant technology guarantees food, clothing and shelter for living inhabitants, while Environment ships like Island 2, holds a resort. Antennas and connection joints installed on outer edges of ship. Rail network runs throughout the frame of the canopy. Environment ship connection joint located in the rear, behind Macross Quarter dock. In emergencies, Environment ship connections can be cut.


Shell dome is normally open during cruising. As shell dome is continually lowered, light from outer space decreases, adversely affecting bioplant technology.


  • Length: 15 km
  • Height (from the artificial ground to highest point of the dome): Approximately 2 km


  • Circumferential gravitational field: 0.75G

Ships in class

Macross Frontier 25 2041 Macross Frontier

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