Macross Quarter class

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Macross Quarter class


  • Affiliation: S.M.S.
  • Type: Variable Attack Space Aircraft Carrier

The Macross Quarter, a Variable Space Carrier, which is the operational base of the S.M.S. in the Macross Frontier fleet. It is one-quarter the size of the current Macross class warship and approximately the size of regular carriers. Despite being equivalent to a 400m-class vessel, it has a transformation system allowing it to transform from a warship (cruiser mode) to storm-attacker mode (battle mode) for close-combat. The port side of the ship functions as an aircraft carrier. It boasts the of mobility and combat performance of a fighter even though it is the size of mid-scale warship. Colonel Jeffrey Wilder is the ship's captain.

The Macross Quarter class multi-purpose stealth space combat mobile aircraft carrier is a variable attack space aircraft carrier which the private military provider S.M.S. stations aboard Macross Frontier. Frontier fleet's Yaesu Heavy Industries and the L.A.I. Corporation took charge of design and completed construction in a dock inside Frontier of the "relatively small and excellent maneuverability (variable attack space aircraft carrier)"-concept. Capable abilities of a aircraft carrier/amphibious assault ship, carrying a maximum of 80 VF and Destroids, Gatling-type buster cannon which can be used as a Heavy Quantum Reaction gun, high output reaction engine cluster, close-quarter combat capabilities through transformation to attack mode, and a 400m-class, it has the overall performance worthy of the "Macross"-name.

Macross Quarter was built in Macross Frontier's dock and handed over to S.M.S. after completion. It was registered as a "Special Duty Operation Warship" (when incorporated into the New UN Spacy, it became "Small mobile combat aircraft carrier"). It was moored to a special pier on Island 1's port side and functioned as a central command and graveyard facilities of S.M.S.. At the request of the Executive Office of the President and with permission of the New UN military headquarters to sortie in the Macross Galaxy Rescue Operation on 1st of May 2059 and henceforth for anti-Vajra combat after complete overhaul of the radar system.


Macross Quarter is a compound warship which consists of 5 warships (Central hull consists of main body and legs, port side aircraft carrier ARMD-L, starboard side gunship ARMD-R, back starboard-side mobile battery warship BASTER-R, back port side mobile battery warship BASTER-L). This mechanism aimed simplification of the transformation and since each unit carries its own reaction engine and fold engine, deployment of each independent warship or a fleet is possible. Independent fold is possible. Heavy energy converting armor adopted to the bow of the gunship. A gravitational field of 0.5G is formed on the flight deck. Three standard linear (electromagnetic)-type catapults (includes the angled deck).


Deployment inside and outside atmosphere as well as underwater, is possible. ARMD-L carrier can be used as a shield [since the flight deck has energy converting armor] when pin-point barrier is expanded in addition to "Macross Attack" for close-quarter attack. ARMD-L can be stowed on the back when firing Buster cannon.

Power system

  • Reaction engine cluster

Armament, standard

  • Gunship (Gatling-type buster cannon)/Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon, mounted on starboard side. Heavy Quantum Reaction Cannon can be used when energy is supplied by the Central hull. Rapid-fire is possible with lower output in addition to being used as melee weapon when combined with pin-point barrier. (Macross Cannon)
  • Beam gun turrets for anti-aircraft defense.
  • Pin-point barrier
  • many other firearms including reaction weapons.


  • Movie: 60~80 units (VFs, Destroids)


Ship mode:

  • Length, overall: 472 m [Main Body Length: 402 m]
  • Width, overall: 178 m [Main Body Width: 152 m]
  • Height, overall: 96 m [Main Body Height: 82 m]
  • Inertia weight, operational: 165,000 tons
  • Weight, overall: 265,000 tons (152,000 tons, main body) [165,000 tons, main body]

Storm Attack mode:

  • Height, overall: 316 m [217 m]
  • Width, overall: 164 m [140 m]
  • Length, front to back: 79.2 m

Carrier (ARMD-L)

  • Length, overall: 254 m [194 m]
  • Weight, overall: 56,000 tons [30,000 tons]

Gunship (ARMD-R)

  • Length, overall: 227 m [217 m]
  • Weight, overall: 48,000 tons [35,000 tons]

Mobile-gun battery (BASTER-L, -R)

  • Length, overall: 129 m
  • Weight, gross: 8,855 tons


Ship mode:

  • Length, overall: 402 m
  • Width, overall: 152 m (Storm Attack type: 270 m)
  • Weight, overall: 165,000 tons

Carrier (ARMD-L)

  • Length, overall: Approximately 217 m
  • Weight, overall: 35,000 tons

Gunship (ARMD-R)

  • Length, overall: Approximately 194 m
  • Weight, overall: 30,000 tons

Ships in class

Fleet Number
Macross 17 17
Macross 23 23
Macross Frontier 25




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  • Macross Chronicle #33, F Mechanic Sheet, Citizen sheet 1A

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