VB-6 König Monster

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Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman VB-6 König Monster


  • Type: Variable bomber and heavy destroid
  • Equipment Type: Variable Vehicles
  • Manufacturer: Shinnakasu/Northrom Grumman
  • Government: U.N., N.U.N., S.M.S.

Developed from the HWR-00 Monster used in Space War I as a large-scale variable bomber with overwhelming firepower. Despite the heavy armoring and high defensive capabilities, the unit is heavy and restricted in movement. Strategic use of the four rail guns and massive payload is done in cooperation with other variable fighters.

The VB-6, whose development had started in 2030, was advanced at first by a combined design team of Northrom and Grumman. Afterwards, Shinnakasu, who was in charge of the design of the HWR-00-MkII, with the collaboration of Dr. Köning Tiegel, who was the design chief at that time, they successfully solved the various problems with the deterioration of the fuselage strength that accompanied the installation of the variable mechanism into the craft. In 2032, the mass production prototype had its maiden flight and production started. Many completed aircraft were deployed to special forces and in 2040, three VB-6 (one was a spare machine for parts) were delivered to S.M.S. in the Macross Frontier Fleet. By 2059, the VB-6 belonging to S.M.S. had had various upgrades from the original specifications and had participated actively on the front lines in addition to combat missions.

Design Features

The S.M.S.-specification craft has improved mobility by having lightening the craft by changing the armor material, as well as a small increase in atmospheric speed. Additionally, projectile resistance greater than the mass-produced craft is due to the change in armor to the same as the VF-25's armour pack's energy conversion armor and light-composite armor. Additionally a pinpoint barrier system has also been installed in the S.M.S. version.


  • Two 31,700 kg (Maximum thrust in space) Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2025BX thermonuclear turbine engines. Four Shinnakasu/P&W/Royce FF-2025BX thermonuclear turbine engines (VF-X Ravens version).
  • Four 26,500 kg Shinnakasu/Vigors Combined Electromagnetic Plasma Rocket Engine & Railgun System. (The rail gun system is used to charge and expel propellant through the rocket nozzles in Shuttle/Bomber mode.) Four jet nozzles mounted in leg sections in Destroid and GERWALK modes or in wings in Shuttle/Bomber mode. (The nozzles operate as a hovering system in GERWALK mode.) The plasma rockets are only used for emergency landing, high acceleration, and the VB-6's thrust is usually obtained from 4 thermonuclear turbine engines.
  • Power generator stowed in rear dorsal section in Destroid and GERWALK modes or in central ventral section in Shuttle/Bomber mode.
  • P&W HMM-6B High Maneuverability Vernier Thrusters. Vernier nozzles in nose section in Shuttle/Bomber mode.


Three; Pilot and 2 bombardment officers. However, it is possible for a single pilot to operate the VB-6 using EX-Gear.


Sensors on forward missile launcher/arm sections.

  • Foldwave Amplification Device and Foldwave Analysis Device have been installed in the bomb-bay (S.M.S.-specification).


  • Four Shinnakasu/Vigors 320 mm rail guns, mounted dorsally in Destroid and GERWALK modes or stowed in rear dorsal section in Shuttle/Bomber mode. With a self-guided warhead, the railgun is capable of precision fire to a range of more than 100 Km; reaction warheads can also be used.
  • Two Raytheon/Shinnakasu 3-barrel Anti-Ground Anti-Ship Heavy Missile Launcher mounted in arm sections facing rearward in Destroid mode and forward in GERWALK mode or stowed in central dorsal section in Shuttle/Bomber mode. (Missiles can be launched in Shuttle/Bomber mode by extending the entire missile launcher units or extending two rear auxiliary barrels.) Although anti-ground anti-ship missiles are normally loaded, multi-warhead, reaction warhead missiles and others can also be used.
  • One 30 mm Vulcan Anti-Air Anti-Ground small-bore gun mounted in forward chest section in Destroid and GERWALK modes or mounted in nose section facing forward in Shuttle/Bomber mode.
  • Two High-Speed Anti-Air Anti-Ground Close-Range Small High-Maneuverability Missile Launchers

Dimensions, External

Shuttle/Bomber mode:

  • Wing span: 24.42m
  • Length overall: 29.78m
  • Height, overall: 6.77m

Masses and Loadings

  • Mass empty: 101,900 kg


Shuttle/Bomber Mode

  • Max speed:
    • at 10,000m: Mach 1.7+
    • at 30,000+ m: Mach 3.2+




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