Cheyenne II

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Cheyenne II


  • Equipment: ADR (primary)
  • Affiliation: New U.N. Forces - Macross Frontier


The Cheyenne II is a redesigned UN War-era ADR-03-Mk III Cheyenne. Although the Cheyenne II appears like a Cheyenne, many parts have been changed. Specifically, a modern thermonuclear reaction engine (the archetypal machine used a gas-turbine engine), armament modernization and expansion, strengthened rocket motors for use in space combat, and increasing the vernier engine as well. Additionally, the internal structure that was derived from the original has been rennovated and greatly improved. The New U.N. Forces and S.M.S. of Macross Frontier are known to use them for anti-aircraft attacks, combat armor on the Islands and warships, and for missile attacks.


The Cheyenne II is made for anti-aircraft attack (ADR) like the original Cheyenne. However, the Cheyenne II's performance is not limited like the Cheyenne. The operational territory has been expanded and excels in multi-use roles with magnetic-attachment system on the rollers for high-speed movement on a carrier deck, auxillary verniers for space combat and charged particle cannons against hard targets. With such versitility, it has become a substitute for SDR and MBR models on the Frontier fleet. Besides superior driving stability, foot rollers do not damage pavement surfaces, allowing easy-use inside the immigration ship.


  • Main engine: 3550 SHP Kranss-Maffai MT901 Thermonuclear Reaction Furnace
  • Sub engine: 573 kW GE EM12A Thermopower generator


Fire control system handles various armaments characteristics simultaneously.



  • Two GE-made 30mm 6-barrel Gatling Gun
  • Two Mauler PBG-17 Charged Particle Beam cannon
  • Two 4-tube Bifors AA/AS-SAM-22 Anti-air Close-range missile launchers MK. 16 located on the shoulders
  • Anti-personnel machine gun in groin section
  • Radar pod


  • Flamethrowers and ceremonial salute guns can replace charged particle beam cannon.


  • Height: 9.87m

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