Island 3

From Macross Compendium


  • Type: Ecosystem ship

Island 3 is one of the ships within the Macross Frontier fleet. It and the other ships are clustered around the main Island 1 flagship. It contains an agricultural area, the Zentradi mall Formo, an alien life form laboratory, a simulated sea, and a beautiful island resort. If necessary, such facilities can be chartered for the motion picture photography business.

Island 3 is an agricultural and resort environment ship for Zentradi of the fleet supporting a closed-system circulation system. It has a Zentradi-sized town and ranches. It is accessible from Island 1 by the Frontier Metro.

Design Features

Regardless of internal specifications, the ship has a half-cylindrical shape. Employing a similar structure to Island 1, it allows for star light to enter. In an emergency, an armored shell can be deployed. Water storage, flat land, and mountain area for agriculture are arranged in sufficient balance.


  • Length: 8,000m
  • Cylindrical diameter: 3,000m