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  • Klan Klang born.
  • Brera Stern is born.
  • Quimeliquola Factory Satellite is restored and renamed "Quimeliquola = Rhea Arsenal". Production restarts at Lagrange IV on Planet Eden.
  • New Macross 3 reaches the planet "Eden 3". Timoshie Daldanton reorganizes the "Black Ray's" in special unit.
  • Manfred Brando graduates from USCCM. He incorporates the USAC.
  • An autonomous government is established on planet Vulcan.
  • Investigation of Endebald, the 3rd planet of the York star system, begins.
  • The New U.N. government first encountered and confirmed the existence of the Vajra around this period, but kept their existence a secret. (Macross Frontier "Star Date")

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