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  • Shinnakasu and Stonewell Bellcom begin a joint project for developing the variable fighter [to be known as] VF-5000 with high maneuverability in atmosphere.


May 8

  • [TV Episode 29 Lonely Song]


  • Giant Zentradi riots begin breaking out in all parts of Earth. Patrols begin to maintain public law and order. Formation of U.N. Air Force's 723rd Tactical Fighter Wing at New Miramar Base.


  • Drafting of Humankind emigration project begins. Both:
    • 1. super-long-distance emigration by means of specially-designed large colonization ships (for the chief purpose of preserving the species) and
    • 2. close-range emigration implemented by converting old-style transport ships (to counteract Earth's population explosion and shortage of resources)
  • are undertaken in parallel.


  • Outbreak of armed resistance by Zentradi.
  • TV Episode 28 My Album
    • [Note: Further information on the time period between 2010 February 11 and 2011 October can be found in the article "[The Super Dimension Fortress Macross:] The Lost Two Years" by Shoji Kawamori on pages 60 to 68 of Macross Perfect Memory.(Michael House & Egan Loo)]
  • TV Episode 29 Lonely Song
  • TV Episode 30 Viva Maria
    • Operation to capture a factory satellite under the direction of the Vrlitwhai Kridanik's flagship begins. This operation is the first of three major campaigns to capture satellite factories.


  • Factory satellite arrives at Earth.
  • TV Episode 31 Satan's Dolls
  • TV Episode 32 Broken Heart
    • Quamzin Kravshera's forces begin maneuvers. The Lynn Minmay hostage operation.

December 25

  • TV Episode 35 Romanesque
    • At about 0720, Quamzin Kravshera launches a strike on Onogi City to capture a reaction engine power condenser.

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