Milia Fallyna Jenius

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Woman with long green hair and green eyes
She is renown as the "Zentradi ace Milia" even among her male counterparts, and respected for her prowess in her powered suit. Quamzin's talk and her own desire for challenge goad her into seeking out an enemy ace pilot perhaps equal to her. This search gradually becomes an obsession as she requests to be inserted in the Macross as a spy, with the ulterior motive of confronting Max Jenius. After an unusual courtship, the two marry and have seven daughters. After Space War I, she led the Dancing Skull special forces team with Max. She also helmed the Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center as "Eagle Mother" before being elected mayor of Macross 7's City 7.

Age 15
Gender Female
Lineage: Zentradi
Birthplace Zentradi Clone Synthesis System
Blood Type BZ
Height: 855 cm
Height (Miclone): 171 cm
Weight 6250 kg
Weight (Miclone) 50 kg
Measurements (cm): 415-290-420
Measurements (cm): 83-58-84 (Miclone)
Family Status: Married 2010 January
Address: SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; Algenicus; Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center; Red Moon; New Macross 7, City 7
Occupation: Powered Suit Pilot; Fighter Pilot; Test Pilot; Ship Second-in-Command; Mayor
Affiliation: Zentradi; UN Spacy; City 7
Rank: Second Lieutenant; First Lieutenant, Captain
Assignment: Laplamiz Fleet; SDF-1 Macross, Skull Squadron; Algenicus, Dancing Skull; Eagle Nest Aerial Tactics Center; Red Moon; New Macross 7, Battle 7
Project Team: Vermillion Team
License: Flight License

Debut Super Dimension Fortress Macross Episode 12
Other appearances Super Dimension Fortress Macross - Do You Remember Love, Macross 7
Voice (Japanese) Eri Takeda
Voice (English, 2006) Luci Christian

Movie statistics:
Name Milia 639
Affiliation: Meltlandi