CVN-99 Asuka II

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Advanced small-scale stealth carrier developed by the United Nations government. Although it was the originally a Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force-constructed standard-power aircraft carrier, it was transferred to the U.N. Forces by the Japanese Unification-government group when they joined and completed as a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. It became the de facto mobile base of first VF-0 special duty combat test unit (Skull Team), deployed in 2008. In addition, engineers assigned to the VF-0 development and maintenance were transferred aboard this ship to maintain these difficult units. Two-bridge design. Stealth structure. Complex polyhedron island design.

Main Machinery

  • One Westinghouse Electric Corporation A6W Nuclear reactor improves upon two A4W nuclear reactor used in Nimitz class aircraft carrier.
  • Four steam turbines
  • Multi-bladed directional highly-skewed propellers


  • Aegis system


  • Guns
    • Overtechnology beam gun mounted in starboard
    • Phalanx CIWS mounted on forward port, forward starboard, aft port, aft starboard, and mid-ship starboard
    • Destroid docking booths located on the aft section of the island. Destroids can act as CIWS.
  • Missiles
    • VLS launcher mounted on mid-ship starboard
  • Variable Vehicles
  • Destroids
  • Other aircraft equipment available for F-14A+, Ghosts, Avenger II, and Sea Sergeant.


  • Dimensions, Meters:
    • 276 (approximate, length) [250m (approximate, length)]
  • Water Displacement, standard: 38,200t


Maximum speed, knots: 40




Designer: Junya Ishigaki, Kazutaka Miyatake

The name (sometimes written as ASCA) is a reference to Asuka, a common Japanese name for several ships, including an experimental ship of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defence Force.

The ship's length was initially set at 250 meters, but Ishigaki said that they revised the size during production.