AIF-7S Ghost

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AIF-7S Ghost


  • Manufacturer: General Galaxy
  • Type: General-purpose unmanned aerial vehicle.

The AIF-7S is a general-purpose unmanned aerial combat vehicle which the New U.N. Spacy is mass-producing since 2045 and deploying to support the VF-171 Nightmare Plus and to limit the use of manned combat fighters. It is remotely operated from a mother ship or airframe which has controlling functions. The computer of the Ghost does exact control such as airframe control and attack sequence while the mother ship gives more simple instructions and the authorization to attack. When the guidance from the mothership is severed, some combat operation can be done by prior program instructions. It is not necessary to set limits on mobility for pilot protection as it can demonstrate potential of the airframe itself. Since the design was based on the X-9, it has a reputation for high-maneuverability superior than the VF-171, comparatively. Moreover, since the life-support system and manned-maneuvering system is unnecessary, the weight of the airframe is lighter; productivity is high and cost is inexpensive. It excels in high mobility and flexibility ranging from reconnaissance to combat, but there are also many weak points because it is an unmanned aircraft.

In many immigration fleets, they active as the primary air force.

  • Costs: Manufacturing and maintenance costs are said to be 1/3 of the VF-171.

Design Features

Canard wings, main wings, and ventral fins can be folded for storage. The payload inside the fuselage is unexpectedly large because it omits manned equipment in its small airframe. Large amounts of missiles can be stored in the airframe. Fins on dorsal engine pods are used for mobility and heat exhaustion. Comprehensive optical sensor system mounted above nose.


  • Two Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice FF-2038A 55,000 Kg+ thermonuclear turbine engines
  • Can be equipped with optional fold-booster.


Comprehensive optical sensor system. Integrated monitor systems and central computers located in the nose. Active stealth system. Can be equipped with reconnaissance packs.

Central Computer

NEC/L.A.I Corporation-manufactured model SA/A-2045 FCS2 (Flight/Fire-control integration) type, hierarchical programming/Self-learning type.


  • Two Mauler ROV-25 25mm beam gun.
  • Two built-in micro-missile launchers.
  • Two multi-purpose missile launchers.
  • Four underside fuselage hard points.
    • can be equipped with large-sized anti-ship reaction warhead missile.


  • Length, overall: 9.85 m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 5,700 Kg


  • Maximum speed:
    • standard, in atmosphere at 10000 m: Mach 5.0+, on account of the fuselage heat-resistance boundary.
  • Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet)
  • Maximum airframe design load: 24.5G

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