AIF-9V Ghost

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AIF-9V Ghost (Ghost V-9/MG)


As the New U.N. Spacy deployed the general purpose AIF-7S Ghost unmanned fighter, the Macross Galaxy Fleet independently improved and deployed many as the main general purpose unmanned fighter aircraft. Although the basic design does not greatly deviate from the AIF-7S, the performance has been increased from greater engine output to enhanced armaments. Advanced autonomous functions similar to the type loaded into the X-9 that were limited due to New Unified Forces' rules were loaded into the AIF-9V's AI system, whereby even under jamming, where it is unable to receive instructions from the mothership, is able to continue combat do to autonomous decisions. Although registered as the AIF-9V by New U.N. Spacy identification codes, it is referred to as the "Ghost V-9/MG" within the Galaxy Fleet.

Design Features

Clipped-delta main wings move freely to move the airframe's weight in outer space or move to the optimum position in atmosphere when traveling at high-speed. Wings can fold up or down as well as change their angle to a maximum of 90-degrees. Four canard wings in an X-shape equipped on the nose to match changes in the aerodynamic characteristics due to the beam gun. Integrated monitor system and central computer installed in the nose shines green.


  • Two Shinnakasu/P&W/Roice FF-2038C+ 57,200 Kg+ thermonuclear turbine engines
  • Optional fold-booster.


Integrated monitor systems and central computers located in the nose. Can be equipped with reconnaissance packs. Sensor located in the nose provides real-time detail of battlefield changes.

Central Computer

MG/GG Model OMEGA/2055-ND3 independent, integrated Flight/Fire-control, hierarchical programming/Self-learning type.


  • Six Mauler ROV-25 25mm beam gun, mounted on the left and right sides of the fuselage.
  • Two Mauler ROV-20 20mm beam gun, mounted on ventral side of fuselage.
  • Four internal Bifors BML-04B micro-missile launchers on the left and right side of the beam gun.
  • Two multipurpose composite armament loading pods mounted on the rear fuselage.
  • BP-01α 55 mm Beam Gun, mounted on the dorsal side of the nose. Similar to the VF-27's beam gun pod, the beam grenade function is omitted due to the lower output of the reactor.
  • Four underside fuselage hard points.
    • can be equipped with large-sized anti-ship reaction warhead missiles, Reconnaissance pack, or fold booster


  • Length, overall: 11.35 m

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 5,840 Kg


  • Maximum speed:
    • standard, in atmosphere at 10000 m: Mach 5.0+, on account of the fuselage heat-resistance boundary.
  • Ceiling : Unlimited (Capable of launching into satellite orbit over an Earth-class planet)
  • Maximum airframe design load: 24.5G

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