Angers 672

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Former S.M.S superior officer who trained Chelsea Scarlett earlier. She is also one of the test pilots of the YF-25 Prophecy. The former UN pilot was recruited by S.M.S. after her discharge from the service but she retired from S.M.S immediately after the Prophecy development. After that, news was unclear, but is said to appeared in-person as a journalist of the Zentradi civil liberties activists before Chelsea where she decided to participate in the Space Cup. Her piloting skills are outstanding and she is proud to be a strong Meltrandi. She was a figure Chelsea yearned to be. She is calm but secretly keeps a deep emptiness in the depths of her heart.

She is commander of the elite guard of anti-U.N. organization, "FASCES". She hid her status and did belong to S.M.S, but all of her records were forged and together with the Zentradi veteran, Naresuan, performed activities for the Earth-supremacy group "Lactence". She is a calm soldier and has excellent abilities as both commander and pilot. It is said that the potential for war with "FASCES" without even being perceived by the New U.N. as a threat depended on her charisma and ability to gather information. As someone who doesn't intend to conceal aggressive Zentradi instinct, yet honestly enjoys the exhilaration of combat, it is a certain complicated feeling where it is not just a medium of control against the Protodeviln but also, Chelsea, who is also Zentradi.

  • Age: 26

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