YF-25 Prophecy

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Shinsei Industries/L.A.I YF-25 Prophecy


  • Manufacturer: Shinsei Industries/L.A.I
  • Equipment Type: Variable vehicles
  • Affiliation: S.M.S

Created by L.A.I. on the Macross Frontier fleet based on the YF-24 Evolution design data, this initially unarmed craft is a testing machine with only several manufactured, before putting the VF-25 into S.M.S. for actual combat-use trials. Additionally, it tests the EX-Gear control system and 2 EX-Gear are installed; one for the pilot and co-pilot.

State-of-the-art, variable fighter developed under leadership by L.A.I, which used design data of the YF-24 Evolution that Shinsei Industries as the successor to the VF-19 Excalibur based on the YF-24 that was jointly developed by Shinsei Industries and General Galaxy.

Prior to the actual combat testing, several sets were produced for the control test of the transformation system, performance test and EX-Gear.

The distinctive head is a compound sensor camera unit which analyzes collected image data from multiple sources.

Remote control of unmanned aerial combat vehicles is possible, similar to function of the descendent RVF-25. The excellent electronic warfare capabilities of the Prophecy is largely responsible for enabling the hacking of the super high-maneuverability missiles which Chelsea Scarlett challenged her opponent with.

Invasion by heavily armored creatures, "Vajra", was predicted as of 2058 and the SPS-25P/MF25 Paladin Pack for heavy armored assault was produced on an experimental basis in developing effective soldier equipment. A large lanced was equipped in the battle with FASCES.

Design Features

Pin-point Barrier system. SPS-25P/MF25 Paladin Pack has energy capacitor built into chest armor obtaining the same defensive capability as a heavy Battroid with immense electrical power and the energy converting armor is laminated into the area where the energy condenser is built-in, making it possible to, literally, dogfight with a Vajra.


  • Two Shinsei Industry/ P&W/ RR FF-3001A Stage II thermonuclear reaction turbine engine (in space, maximum thrust of 1,620 kN)
    • Thrust reverser, Equipped with 3D-maneuvering nozzles.
  • P&W HMM-9 High maneuverability thrusters
  • Optional SPS-25P/MF25 Paladin pack (Two main boosters units with four Gobishi Heavy industries SLE-7A main booster engines, one Gobishi Heavy Industries SLE-3A sub booster engine located in the tail booster). Maximum total thrust (main booster and sub booster engines) of 2940 kN. Gobishi Heavy Industries SLE-1C High-maneuverability verniers.


Pilot and co-pilot with EX-Gear.


Head turret is composed of two or more sensors and cameras, which can gather and collect data and images through multiple ways. Asymmetrical antennas on the right and left side of the head turret. SWGA Energy Converting Armor. Chaff-Flare-Smoke discharger system. Active Stealth system. Remote unmanned aerial combat vehicle control is possible.


Standard armament

  • Mauler ROV-217C 12.7mm laser machine gun
  • Gun pod
    • One Howard GU-17A 58mm Gatling gun pod. Retractable cover exposes barrels for cooling.
  • Two Mauler ROV-25 25mm beam machine gun
  • AK/VF-M9 1.65m Ka-Bar OTEC Assault Knife for close combat in Battroid or GERWALK mode stored in shield.
  • Shield mounted on center rear dorsal fuselage in Fighter mode or on lower left arm section in GERWALK and Battroid modes.
  • Pin-Point Barrier system

Optional armament

  • Optional packs
    • SPS-25P/MF25 Paladin Pack: Ka-Bar OTEC BL/VF-X1 Blaze lance. The energy converting armor material surface can be covered by a pin-point barrier.

Mass and Loadings

  • Mass, empty: 8,325 kg
    • SPS-25P/MF25 Paladin Pack mass: 24,533 kg


Fighter mode

  • Maximum speed
    • at 10,000 m: Mach 5.0+


  • This 1/72 model kit design is to commemorate the opening of "Macross F Theatrical Edition ~Itsu wari no uta hime~" on November 21st, 2009. It is a limited release through Famima.com's advance sales of tickets for Macross Frontier Theatrical Version. Pre-order began in early September, through the company's website only. It was re-released in September 2010 through Fanima Food Park as a limited edition with a new character nose art decal sheet.

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