D.D. Ivanov

From Macross Compendium


Anti-U.N. ace pilot

D.D. Ivanov is a SV-51 variable fighter pilot with his wingmate Nora Polyansky. He has been fighting all over the world since even before the beginning of the U.N. Wars, and earned himself the (unusual) nickname of "Daisy Ivanov." He has dueled with Roy Focker numerous times. In addition, he was initially the chief test pilot of the VF test unit series, and so it is said that he defected to the Anti-U.N. forces carrying the VF-0's development data.

Gender Male
Occupation Pilot
Affiliation Anti-U.N. Forces
Assignment Auerstädt (SV-51)

Debut Macross Zero
Voice Ryuuzaburou Ohtomo