F-14 Tomcat

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Grumman F-14 Tomcat


  • Type Two-seat main carrier-based fighter for fleet defense and attack.
  • Equipment Type Aerospace craft
  • Government U.N.
  • Manufacturer Grumman
  • Customers US Navy, UNS

First flight of development aircraft 1970 December 21. Total number produced: 575. Service life extended with upgrades implementing Overtechnology in avionics and other areas.


F-14A+2 (also F-14A+(Plus)Kai): Improved upgrade version deployed as a main fighter in the U.N. Forces.

Design Features

Variable geometry (swing) wings.

Power Plant

  • (F-14A, before F-14A+2 modification): Two P&W TF30-P-414 rated at 4763 kg [x g] dry and 9480 kg [x g] with afterburning.
  • (F-14D, before F-14A+2 modification): Two GE F110-GE-400 turbofans rated at 6350 kg [x g] dry.


Pilot and radar intercept officer (RIO) seated in tandem.


Flare dispensers.


  • (F-14A+2)Gun. Hard points for six AIM-54A Phoenix active radar homing missiles (maximum range of approximately 185 km), AIM-7 Sparrow semi-active radar homing missile series, or other armament. Maximum ordnance of 6577 kg (F-14D, before F-14A+2 modification).

Dimensions, External

  • (F-14A/D, before F-14A+2 modification)
    • Wing span: unswept 19.54 m swept 11.65 m
    • Length overall: 18.90 m/19.1 m
    • Height overall: 4.88 m
    • Wing area: unswept 52.5 m2

Masses and Loadings

  • (F-14A/D, before F-14A+2 modification)
    • Mass empty: 18951 kg
    • Max T-O mass: 24950 kg/33724 kg


  • (F-14A/D, before F-14A+2 modification):
    • Max speed: at 12200 m Mach 2.34
    • Ceiling: 16150 m
    • Cruising range: 3213 km



  • Debut: Macross Zero Vol. 1
  • Designation inspiration: Grumman F-14A(Plus) Tomcat, Mitsubishi F-4EJKai Phantom II

Note: The F-14A(Plus), F-14A++, and F-14A/B+ were proposed modifications to the original F-14A design. The F-14A(Plus) variant eventually became known as the F-14B in 1991. Kai is a Japanese engineering suffix for an modified design (e.g. Mitsubishi F-4EJKai Phantom II) or a customized design (e.g. Shinsei Industry VF-19 Custom of Macross 7). In real life, Grumman was acquired by Northrop in 1994 to form the Northrop Grumman Corporation.

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