Hibiki Kanzaki

From Macross Compendium

He applied to SNN (Scramble News Network) and is currently entertainment reporter. As an ambitious young person, he has a talent for scooping big news stories with the largest audience ratings. He became famous with scoops of entertainment scandals. Having scooped a clandestine hotel meeting with Exeglan and Sylvie, the military wanted a written letter of apology. This became a factor which placed him in the center of the war with the Mardook.

His reason for becoming a reporter was seeing a war report by Dennis Lone 8 years ago. And with Dennis for the first time in the battlefield, he learns what it means to be a reporter. Hibiki noticed the U.N. Spacy's fabrications and through Ishtar of the Mardook, becomes involved in the great battle.

  • Occupation: Reporter


  • Voice (Japanese): Tsutomu Takayama
  • Voice (English): Jonathan Charles