From Macross Compendium

She lives as a song priestess who sings to uplift the fighting spirit of the Mardook. She is an "Emulator", aboard Feff's battleship, who function as a kind of stimulant for the Zentradi people during combat. There are many who inherited this bloodline in the Marduk.

Ishtar was in combat with the U.N. Forces when she is taken to Earth by Hibiki, who shows her the song and culture of Earth. As she became familiar with the complex culture of Earth, she accepted it and understood the preciousness of life and love. Gradually, she questions how the Mardook can obtain culture. As she discovered the misery and futility of war, she tried to convey to the Mardook the splendor of true love. When she encounters the Macross, she believes that it is the legendary "Ship of Alus/「アルスの舟」".


  • Voice (Japanese): Hiroko Kasahara
  • Voice (English): Debbie Rogers