Love You Once Again (single)

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Love You Once Again (もういちど Love you) was the CD single for Ishtar's song from the OVA, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross II: Lovers, Again. Also collected on the single was "Promise" ("約束"), the ending theme for the final episode of the OVA. The single features vocals by Hiroko Kasahara.

Track Listing

  1. もういちど Love you ("Love You Once Again")
  2. 約束 ("Promise")
  3. 2億年前のように静かだね ("Love You Once Again") (Karaoke Version)
  4. dé・jà・vu~そばにいて ("Promise") (Karaoke Version)

Release data

  • Releaser: Victor
  • Product code: VIDL-10298
  • Release date: November 21, 1992
  • Price: 971 yen (1000 yen with tax included)