Lynn Minmay

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Lynn Minmay (illustrated by Haruhiko Mikimoto)

Singer with medium-length black hair
In the beginning, she was simply a Chinese restaurant waitress in high school with dreams of being a singer. Indeed, she had moved to Nyan Nyan, her uncle and aunt's restaurant in South Ataria Island, site of the fallen Macross, because her aunt was more receptive to those dreams than her parents. She thought her aspirations were lost when she, Hikaru, and the entire island was unceremoniously deposited in deep space, but her surprise win in the Miss Macross Contest revived them. Since Space War I, her exploits and her role in the Battle with the Boddole Zer Main Fleet have become the stuff of legends and countless retellings. She performed a Sayonara Concert Tour before embarking upon the Megaroad-01 on a colonization voyage in 2012. She was last heard just before disappearing with the Megaroad-01 in 2016.

Age 15
Gender Female
Birthdate 1993 October 10
Birthplace Yokohama, Japan
Lineage Japanese-Chinese
Blood Type O
Height 158 cm approximately
Weight 47 kg approximately
Measurements (cm): 80-58-87
Address Chinatown, Yokohama, Japan; Macross City, South Ataria Island; SDF-1 Macross; Macross City; SDF-2 Megaroad-01
Occupation Restaurant waitress, idol singer, movie star, the 1st Miss Macross

Debut Super Dimension Fortress Macross Episode 1
Other appearances The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?, The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012
Voice (Japanese,1982,1984) Mari Iijima
Voice (English, 2006) Mari Iijima
Preliminary production name Sai Minmei

Movie statistics:
Age 17