Macross 7 (fleet)

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The Macross 7 fleet is the 37th long-distance colonization fleet centering around the 7th New Macross class battleship. The colonization fleet travels towards the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

Ships in the fleet

  • New Macross class: Colonization Ship (x1)
  • Uraga Class (CV): Escort Battle Carrier (x20)
  • Guantánamo (CV) Stealth Carrier (x45)
  • Bolognese Stealth Frigate (x120)
  • 7 West Point Class: Macro-Training Base Ship
  • Three Star Factory Ship
  • Sunnyflower Agriculture Ship
  • Einstein Research Experimental Ship
  • Hollywood Amusement Ship
  • Riviera Resort Ship
  • Mark Twain [VII] Resort Ship
  • Heaven Cemetery Ship