Macross Digital Mission VF-X

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Macross Digital Mission VF-X
Console Sony PlayStation
Disc Type CD-ROM
Developer UNiT Inc.
Release date February 28, 1997
(re-release) May 28, 1998
No. of Players 1
Distributor Bandai Visual
Story Chronology 2047

Macross Digital Mission VF-X is the first Macross 3-D arcade-style, flight simulator for the Sony PlayStation console. The player is allowed to select from a variety of variable fighters seen in many Macross productions. The game was re-released in May 1998.




  • Player choice of mecha, each with three-mode transformation.
  • Opening animation with Fire Bomber song "Try Again".
  • In-game concert with new song "Only You" written and composed by Mari Iijima and sung by a new five-singer idol group, Milky Dolls
  • New Zentradi Variable Device.

Playable Mecha


  • Sony Playstation or compatible
  • Memory card (uses 2 blocks on card)
  • Analog joystick compatible

Release Information

Original Release:

  • SLPS-00386
  • ¥6800


  • SLPS-91058
  • ¥2800


  • VF-4G Lightning III debuts with Battroid and GERWALK mode designs actually designed and approved by Shoji Kawamori. These modes were previously planned, but not designed.

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