Macross Plus Original Sound Track

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"Macross Plus OST" album cover
Macross Plus Original Sound Track is the first soundtrack for the OVA, Macross Plus, comprising most of the orchestral background music (recorded by the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra), three vocal songs by "Sharon Apple" (two of them combined on track 3), and one vocal song by "Myung Fang Lone." The music was composed and arranged by Yoko Kanno.

Track Listing

  1. National anthem of MACROSS
  2. Fly up in the air ~ Tension
  3. After, in the dark ~ Torch song
  4. MYUNG theme
  5. Bees and honey
  6. In captivity
  7. More than 3cm
  9. Break out ~ Cantabile
  10. Very little wishes
  11. SANTI-U

Release data

Japanese Release

  • Releaser: Victor Entertainment
  • Product code: VICL-570
  • Release date (scheduled): October 21, 1994
  • Release date (actual): October 24, 1994
  • Price: 3000 yen (tax included)

North American Release

  • Releaser: JVC (original release); ADV Music (AnimeTrax) (re-release)
  • Product code: JVC-1004-2 (original release); at9303 (re-release)
  • Release date: 1995 (original release); June 26, 2001 (re-release)
  • Price: $14.98 (re-release)